Thursday, October 4, 2007


Crash and his new Girl Annie

Crash the LIFEGUARD !! Watch out he may
actually try to rescue you.

Crash in Baja, his favorite place... birds, fish,water, oh and more BIRDS!!!

Playing the endless game of fetch!

It's a BIRD, I see a BIRD.

I think I see another bird...

Just finished chasing a Bird, can you tell??

Ball what ball???

Weekend Get Away

This the view of Half Dome From Glacier Point, can you believe I've climbed Half Dome 3 times in my lifetime.

Mike and Nat in Tuolumne Meadows, with fresh snow on the peaks.

I took Mike on a Quick trip to Yosemite for our 11 year anniversary. Mike has never been before and loved it. Although he has not been feeling too well he still was a trooper and tried to keep up with his wife.


Soccer season has started, and is keeping us quite busy with practices 3 nights a week and 2 games on Saturdays. Here is some pictures from SierraDawn's first game with the "Stingrays."
I do not have any pics from Ian's game!! They both were privliged to have GrandmaGreat , Grandma Smith and Aunt Janet attend the games.

First Day of School

This being SierraDawn's first year it was quite exciting starting the new school year. Britton is in 4th grade ,Ian is in 2nd grade and SierraDawn is in Kindergarten! Mom now has 3 whole hours to her self 2 days a week.(she babysits 3 days)