Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas Baby

(please excuse the typos and the grammar)

This year the anniversary of losing our 4th child has hit me especially hard. I'm thinking it's because of all the stress of the year. For some reason I have had a strong desire to put my experience down on paper. So this blog with have to do, for I do not dare post anything on FaceBook for fear of people thinking I'm a downer.
This is not a story I have shared with many people only a handful of my closets friends who held my hand at the time know the full extent of my experience.
First off It's not something you work into a conversation. um hey 7 years ago I lost a baby! (Okay crazy lady.. would be the reaction)
Before I start I just want to say...I truly believe our Heavenly Father knows what burdens we are capable of bearing, and what sorrows we can overcome.
4 of our 5 pregnancies have been surprises! The anxiety oh the anxiety of a surprise pregnancy... "can I do this?" "Can I handle one more?" "Can I afford another mouth to feed?" This only lasts for a few weeks then we are good to go and can't wait to meet our new member of the Family.
7 yrs ago Mike and I had a STRONG desire to add a new member to our Family, child #4. We went to the temple, we prayed about it and made the decision to try to get pregnant, surprisingly it took a couple of months. (never seemed to be a problem before) When we found out we were pregnant we were so excited, we could not wait to welcome this new child to our Family. Never in my life have I wanted something so much. I was ex tactic to be pregnant (I usually do not enjoy being pregnant) Sure I had the same issues as my past pregnancies, morning sickness, anxiety. But I was so much more tired with this pregnancy, but hey I had 3 young children at home.
I will never forget the day all that happiness came crashing down. Dec. 16,2004 I sat on the table, answering questions... "have you been taking your Prenatal Vitamins?" "Have you felt the baby move yet?" and to this question I was so eager to give my answer... YES!!!! I had been feeling movement for about a week off and on. You all know how exciting this time is. The first movements... the pure joy of having a baby.

I lay on the table as the nurse was know trying to find the baby's heartbeat... 30 seconds pass, silence, a minute still silence. I was a little nervous, but I know sometimes it's not easy to find the baby (I've heard it at every other check up.) When the nurse called the Dr into the room and she came in with an ultrasound machine. That when I officially was concerned. I lay there desperately pleading with the Lord. "Please", "PLEASE". Then after a few minutes came the words, with tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry but we can not find a Heart beat you are going to miss carry this baby." Never in my life have I felt such sorrow, sobbing uncontrollably. While in the midst of all of the initial shock, they needed me to make a decision. I could be admitted and enduse my labor. I could go home and wait until my body naturally gets rid of the baby. (that could take weeks) Or I could go to "another facility" to have a D&E done by a qualified Dr. after I somewhat pulled my self together I decided to go home and discuss my options with Mike.
After much prayer we decided to got to "another facility" and have the procedure done. Mike and I did not feel I could go through the labor, we feared the long lasting emotional scars from that.
When we showed up to the "other facility" (we have Kaiser Insurance... it's not uncommon to be referred to another Kaiser facility) The sign said.. "planned parenthood" um my jaw hit the ground. I was so embarrassed, how could we have been so naive?? I at one point had walked out of the clinic. I just could not sit in there. I don't even remember walking in I was so shocked.
After phone calls from my Dr. and from Kaisers mental health dept.( threatening to have me committed because to them I was not in my right mind.Um yes I am it's Planned Parenthood!) Mike and I quickly said a Prayer and again we felt have the D&E was the "best" option, so we walked back in.

At Planned Parenthood everything is anonymous no names used at all. My procedure required two visits. The first the nurse was to confirm that the baby was dead, through ultra sound and then they inserted sea weed into my cervix to help me to dilate, so they could remove the baby the next day. I had made it through the first part, I felt incredibly guilty, sad, broken. That night we consulted with our Bishop, and family... if we should go back. And we were once again given the answer that we should, if that's what we feel is the best for me. Day two was not nearly as easy as day one. Day two required us to go to another "clinic" because of the holidays. This "clinic" was located right off the street. As we walked in we were met by a lady who yelled at me for choosing to kill my baby. I think this is the only time in my life I did not hold my tongue, I quickly told her my baby has already passed. But I think I yelled, not sure... I was kind of surprised to have her attack me like she did. I walked in and waited for the elevator and someone else had walked in the door by then... great I have to ride up a floor with someone else. Someone who choose to kill her baby. She and her friends were laughing about the lady in the parking Lot and some choice words were used. Mike held my hand as we rode up the elevator listening to her and her friends laugh about how "mom was not going to know she was pregnant" "I get to go home for the holidays and know one will know." I held my tongue and jumped out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened.

As I said be fore everything is anonymous no names, nothing to make it feel personal. I'm now laying on a bed and they roll me into a sterile room. The nurse had told me it would be quick, they put you under for about 7 mins and the procedure will take 5. The last thing I remember before going under is how the Dr. smelled of cigarettes. I woke up remembering labor, I wanted to hold my baby... I was in pain... Then I realized where I was and what had happened. I kept falling to sleep, but then would be woken up by the feel of the curtain sweeping across my body. Every 5 mins they moved you to the next curtained area, simply by pushing you through the curtain. I felt like I was on an assembly line, every 5 mins moved to the next space. After two sweeps across the face. (or 10 mins)I finally was aware of my pain... so much pain physical and emotional. I called out for help, the nurse kept saying I know it hurts, you'll be fine. It's just like bad menstrual cramps honey. Finally I yelled at her and said "this is not my fist delivery I'm having sever after birth pains." Then she listened and read my chart and saw I was not like every one else who was there that day. I was the exception, she did not know how to treat me, not in the medical sense but the personal sense.
At this point all I desperately wanted was for someone to acknowledge what I just went through, to sit by my bed and hold my hand and tell me "it will be okay." Later I sat in a recovery room with 8- 10 other women. Most of them sat quietly, heads down, not making eye contact. A few... including the girl from the elevator sat chatting on their cell phones as if nothing had happened. If I could even describe the evil I felt in this room, there are no words for it. I sat quietly crying waiting to be released. Watching everyone in the room, making eye contact and giving a smile to those who I could tell needed it and glaring at those who had no regard for life. I sat there thinking why? Why would Heavenly Father want me to sit in this room with these women. I just lost my baby, they so easily threw theirs away? It was then that I felt my Saviors arm around me in that room of darkness, and evil. I clung to that warmth I felt knowing I would one day be able to meet my baby, raise my baby... hold my baby!

I have no idea and my never know why I was put in those circumstances. I choose just like those women choose. BUT I choose to listen to what My Heavenly Father had advised me and Mike to do. I will never understand, I only can have faith that I was meant to experience that. I now have complete empathy for any woman who has lost a baby. No matter how they lost it, the lord as given me the ability to understand and have compassion for them. My testimony has been strengthened. I now have a complete understanding of the plan of salvation. I know my Heavenly Father loves me, ME!
I did not write this down to get sympathy. I put this in my blog to acknowledge what did not get to be on Dec. 23, 2004 I lost my 4th child Riley Noel Smith. This child was never held, never blessed, nor ever received a name. I have no tombstone to visit or place flowers next to. Just my memories of the Joy I felt of being pregnant, and the sorrow of loosing something I wanted to have so deeply.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ok I know it's been awhile since my last post. Ummm..... 1yr and 5 months to be exact.
Lets just catch up Mike was sick for about 3 months of 2011 (Jan-march). When we finally
got his Chron's all under control he gave us a big scare with is MPE In April. After 4 days in ICU
and a week's stay at Mike's own personal Marriott also known as Kaiser Fontana. He came home
a new man. Me on the other hand I think I mentally checked out for a few months! HAHAHA
June the the kids and I took a camping trip with my sister and some old friends from Upland.
We had a blast it was so nice to spend time with all of them. July my dad had his 3rd (I think)
back surgery to attempt to fix a broken fusion and vertebrae. A simple procedure, and we
thought he'd be in a week... ummm nope just over 3 months of a few battles and a lot of Physical therapy
he finally came home! In September we were blessed with a wonderful GIFT... a vacation!
Mike and I took a week long cruise to Alaska with all of his siblings and his Parents. It was Heaven,
so breathtakingly beautiful and so relaxing! Mike and I really needed that week with out the kids to
recharge our batteries. Also in Sept. Mike turned 40! After all the crazy happenings this year I naturally
threw him a .... 80's Prom Birthday Party. I'm so grateful for all of our friends who came and celebrated
with us. So after a super CRAZY, SCAREY, EMOTIONAL and CHAOTIC year. Mike and I are so glad that 2011 is nearly over.
I'm so thankful for friends who have stood by us through this past year and the NEW ones that were made.
I know this year that me and my family have been TESTED and STRETCHED to the max. But guess what WE made it with the help of FRIENDS and our HEAVENLY FATHER!
Now all we have say is.... BRING ON 2012!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


On June 20th my Britton turned 12! Wow how time does fly! His birthday was on a sunday so he was able to receive the Priesthood on his BIRTHDAY, What a great GIFT. Both his sets of Grandparents, and Aunt Barbra, Uncle Rob, Aunt Sonia Aunt Brandie and cousins Brandon, Savannah and Hunter, were there with Britton on this special day. This past sunday the 27th , he passed the sacrament for the 1st time. He was very nervous and excited. Thankfully he has a wonderful YM's leader who took the time to show him how it's done.( his DADDY:) ) Next week Britton will be going to Scout Camp w/ his dad and is sooooo excited!
I am so proud Britton is worthy to have received the Priesthood.

Just the two of us GIRLs!

The week after school got out SierraDawn and I were able to take a trip to the Baja . We didn't go all alone, (I'm not that BRAVE) we went with Grandma, and Grandpa Ragle, Rob and Cooper. SierraDawn and I enjoyed spending the time together without the rest of the family. It was quite HOT! We swam everyday and played games with Rob and Cooper. She is getting better at Sequence. (now if we could just get her to look at ALL of her cards!) SierraDawn also picked up a new hobby... beach combing. Every morning she was begging to walk the hide tide line to see what treasures we would find. SierraDawn also got to experience sleeping on the roof for the 1st time, I think she'll be requesting that sleeping arrangement from now on! (Under the **STARS** is the BEST)
It was a FUN and VERY relaxing trip. I'm thinking of making this a yearly trip . But of course we will eventually let Carlee join us too:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baja Memorial weekend

Carlee's 1st Quad ride... not a fan!

Look Mom a Rock

Britton's SunBlock

Chilling in the Warm water.

Future Surfer?

Beautiful SierraDawn :)

Farkle, Farkle and more Farkle

Cooper,and his sand creation?

Waiting for the tide to come in!!!

Water Rocket, this thing flew soooo high and Cooper had to go for a swim to

Uncle Rob putting some last minute touches on the Water Rocket, So Fun!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Picures from our Arizona-Nevada Trip

Carlee happy to stretch her legs after a few hours in the car!

On our way to ShowLow Arizona we stopped outside of Flagstaff at Laurel Canyon
and took a two mile hike to view some Indain ruins.

While in ShowLow we spent the day at a park with my sister and her family. Mike was in charge of the camera and somehow this is the only picture from that day? hmmm

The kids in front of the Snowflake Temple

One of the kids took this although I do not remember who's picture it was?

We stopped in Hollbrook, Arizona to visit the Petrified Wood Company.
Carlee keep saying " Crash?, Crash?"
Every animal is Crash our dog!

Ian was in heaven!!!

Funny picture, hahaha!

Also in Hollbrook is the famous Wigwam Motel! On Route 66!
The kids got a kick out of the fact that we followed Route 66. From Barstow, Kingnman, Winslow,Flagstaff and Hollbrook! Let's just say they know all the lyrics to the song!

Ian, Sierra and MATER!

We visited the Painted Desert, very beautiful! Camera does no do it justice!!

On our way to Vegas we spent the Day at the Grand Canyon.
Britton was not too impressed. Some how he imagined it to be BIGGER!!

Ok so we live in SO CAL. Sadly this was my kids first encounter with snow!
They were so excited to play in the PATCH of SNOW!

Somehow we did not take any pictures in Veags? We had a wonderful time visiting with Family.
It by far was a very memorable trip, very last minute! I think that's what made it so fun, we did what ever we wanted. If we saw something on the map that looked interesting we did it. And may I add SierraDawn is pretty good at reading a Map now!
Next month is Memorial Weekend our plans... BAJA!