Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Picures from our Arizona-Nevada Trip

Carlee happy to stretch her legs after a few hours in the car!

On our way to ShowLow Arizona we stopped outside of Flagstaff at Laurel Canyon
and took a two mile hike to view some Indain ruins.

While in ShowLow we spent the day at a park with my sister and her family. Mike was in charge of the camera and somehow this is the only picture from that day? hmmm

The kids in front of the Snowflake Temple

One of the kids took this although I do not remember who's picture it was?

We stopped in Hollbrook, Arizona to visit the Petrified Wood Company.
Carlee keep saying " Crash?, Crash?"
Every animal is Crash our dog!

Ian was in heaven!!!

Funny picture, hahaha!

Also in Hollbrook is the famous Wigwam Motel! On Route 66!
The kids got a kick out of the fact that we followed Route 66. From Barstow, Kingnman, Winslow,Flagstaff and Hollbrook! Let's just say they know all the lyrics to the song!

Ian, Sierra and MATER!

We visited the Painted Desert, very beautiful! Camera does no do it justice!!

On our way to Vegas we spent the Day at the Grand Canyon.
Britton was not too impressed. Some how he imagined it to be BIGGER!!

Ok so we live in SO CAL. Sadly this was my kids first encounter with snow!
They were so excited to play in the PATCH of SNOW!

Somehow we did not take any pictures in Veags? We had a wonderful time visiting with Family.
It by far was a very memorable trip, very last minute! I think that's what made it so fun, we did what ever we wanted. If we saw something on the map that looked interesting we did it. And may I add SierraDawn is pretty good at reading a Map now!
Next month is Memorial Weekend our plans... BAJA!

Spring Break

So we have been planning our trip to Baja for a few months and were sooo excited to spend time with my Brother and his family. We were mostly packed and had enjoyed a wonderful Easter Sunday at home watching conference. We had one thing left to do. Drop the dogs off at my parents and then back to packing the car. Well apparently while we were driving to Upland we missed something BIG. All of the sudden people in Utah were texting us asking if we felt the earthquake. UMMM NO! I think we were the only people in S. California that didn't feel it. By the time we arrived in Upland the Epicenter had been announced. As we walk into my parents it was kaos! First everyone looked at us and asked if we felt it? again NOO! And we ask so were was it centered and how BIG. 7.3, umm what how did we miss that?? Again we ask were? ummmm 30 miles southeast of MEXCALI, BAJA CALIFORNIA! WHAT!!!!!!!!! Is the BAJA house still standing? or is it in the Ocean? My dad had just gotten off the phone with Ray Harper who was in Baja. The HOUSE is fine! So we talk with my brother and decide to go ahead and leave in the morning like we origionally planned. Well by 6am the next morning all of the news starts reports start coming in. So we decided it was not the best idea to drive through a Disaster Zone, with a trailer full of food , water and fuel. Ummmm lets see,uh NO! And then we here the Highway betwwen Mexicali and San Felipe was closed due to damage. That just made up our minds for us! NO BAJA!!!!!!!! So now what? When all else fails call family! Thankfully my two sisters who live out of state were willing to let us stay with them.
So instead to of SOAKING up the SUN on a beach we were headed to the Mountains of Northern Arizona with the High of 65 and then on to Vegas!