Monday, July 20, 2009


Carlee Bryn 6 months

The other day Brandie and I wanted to get out of the heat so we took our kids to the mall. And I scored with these cute sunglasses and jeans from the Children's Place $8.00 for both. I just could not pass up these darling sunglasses. So far she keeps them on!

The Three Amigos!

The Ragle side of the family has been particularly blessed in the last 6 months. 3 new grandkids for Grandma to spoil. Carlee(mine) 6 1/2 months, Zach(Whitney's) 5 months and the newest.... Oliva(Kenny's) 1 week! Saturday was the first time we had all three babies together and as you can tell Zachary is in for it=)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby or Doll?

SierraDawn playing "Mommy". Her and Ian were actually fighting over who got to watch her on the couch today... while I changed the laundry.

Home SWEET Home

DRUM ROLL PLEASE........ after 12 years of renting Mike and I are FINALLY purchasing our FIRST house. On the fourth of July (my favorite day of the year!) we officially went into contract to buy a brand spank-en NEW house. Our HOME will be ready for us to live in at the end of October. We will be moving to Menifee! We are going to miss being around the corner from Grandma and Grandpa Ragle and my sister.We will still be close to family we will now be 10 mins. from my brother Rob. WE love the area we will be around the corner from the community Lake, new elementary school, PARK and Community Clubhouse. We are so excited!!

This will be our view from our front door. Not our ideal spot to be located... at and entrance to the community....but we bought the last house in the community!
And yes that is a DIRT road across the street!

They have started work! Not a bad view out our back Door. October get here already!!

Disney California Adventure

At the end of June my sister and I took our kids to DCA and Disneyland.
We all had a fun time ... my kids were sooo excited to go with Savannah and Hunter. They have only been one other time with Savannah a few years back. My kids get to go all the time with the Smith side of the Family.(we all have passes) So this was a real treat to hang out with my sister and her kids for a day full of Disney fun!

Carlee at the end of a looonnggg HOT day at DCA. She was a trooper she did pretty well. I think MOM had a harder time than she did.

Brandie and kids on Screamin they are there some where?

SierraDawn, Savannah, Britton, Ian, and Hunter! I think this was the highlight of Hunter's day! He LOVES the movie CARS. The smile on his faces made the whole day worth fighting the summer crowds.

Britton and Savannah waiting for the others to ride Screamin=(


It's official Britton has Crossed over the bridge from Cub Scouts to Scouts. He was just shy of earning his Arrow of Light Badge.TOO BAD=( He did earn his Weblos badge before moving up to Scouts! Britton has endeavored through a bad Cub scouting experience... he has been cheated of a real experience all along. No one else his age until they made a STAKE den last year. Hopefully he will have a better experience in the 11 year old Scout program.


Ian, Hunter,Savannah, SierraDawn, and Britton at Heritage Park

What a Beautiful Girl=)

Serenella, SierraDawn, Savannah, Zander, and Britton at Beyrl Park

More pictures from Beryl Park!

We have been spending alot of time in the park this summer. The park has been our favorite place to hang out. Let's see how many parks we can visit?

Las Vegas

In June we took a trip to Vegas for Zack's blessing. We stayed in a condo hung out with the cousins and went swimming in the pool. Did I take pictures? NO! I always forget to. We also spent a day with Bridget and her clan on the STRIP... But no pictures! Here are pictures of our last day in Vegas.
We visited the Aquarium located next to Outdoor World Brittton loved it

This as close as we could get them.... Yeah one of those days!

Ian so desperately wanted to see the Flamingos at the FLAMINGO hotel. He was happy for the rest of the day

Carlee hanging out in her stroller. It rained off and on all day. Sadly she spent most of the day in here!

This Video says it all. Britton is 11 and such a joy! I love his simplicity!

Friday, April 17, 2009


We snapped this photo right after church... it's not perfect but it has character.  SierraDawn and Carlee were so stinkin cute in their dresses.

Saturday was our annual easter egg hunt at Aunt Janet's house.  I think we had 150 eggs or so to find they found all but one.(and it had $ in it too!) The kids had a blast.  They look forward to this event every year.  Of course after the  hunt is the "swim"  Thank You Aunt Janet we had fun.

Only Ian would wear a Pirate hat and a Sheriffs vest while hunting for easter eggs.

Jackpot... Britton found alot of eggs with $ this year.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just for FUN

Crash and Carlee

I spent this evening learning how to use my new Camera so her are just a few new photos
for you to enjoy .... just because.

 Carlee with Curly Hair!
This one is for you Jordan! SierraDawn was holding Carlee and we started playing around! But the picture didn't turn out to good . SORRY

Asleep in Daddy's arms.

SierraDawn and Carlee... notice those blue eyes!

Ian and Carlee. Really those eyes look much more BLUE in person.

GG meets Carlee Bryn & Carlee and Terrible Hurbst Truck

This past weekend Mike and I took a last minute get away to Vegas for Valentines.  Since GrandmaGreat spends the winter in St.George we took a side trip so she could meet Carlee.
Sadly we didn't take any photos of our weekend in Vegas. Sorry.

GrandmaGreat and Carlee 

We stopped at State Line to use the bathroom and this is what we found in the Terrible's Casino...
Mommy telling Carlee all about how someday when she grows up she can drive one of these.

If you already didn't know I love off Road racing.  This is the Terrible Hurbst Pro Truck.  I was introduced the Baja 1000(SCORE) when I was a child on one of our trips to Baja.  I love watching the races and especially love the Pro Trucks as they go roaring by at 60 miles an hour on a Bumpy Dirt road.  There is nothing like dust in your teeth.  My dream is to one day be a co driver in a SCORE race.  Any one can race as long as you pay the fee... they have a Quad and Motorcycle class and many many more, The interesting racing class is the VW Bug .. those are so hardy men who race those completely stock with no improvements

SierraDawn's 7th Birthday

SierraDawn and her Polly Pocket that mommy gave her.  I think this wa the only toy she received for her birthday. She received a ton of new outfits for school. Which she was very excited to show off to her Friends at school.

SierraDawn was so excited to be turning 7.  She is the oldest girl in her class and is very proud of that!  Next year she will be getting baptized and she just can't wait to be 8.  

Happy 7th Birthday SierraDawn
Jan. 11th 2009

Just a little late... Ian's 9th Birthday

So Ian's Birthday post was put on hold because of the arrival of his sister the following day. 
Here are some photos of the big day that Ian turned 9! My baby boy is no longer a baby. He now is a Bear Cub Scout and in the 3rd grade. Wow how time flies.

Ian with his New remote control Black Pearl that Grandma and Grandpa Smith got him.

If you know Ian this picture describes him to a T.  He always posses for photos but as you can tell It might not always be how a normal person would pose. I love my Ian!  He always can make you SMILE:)

Happy Birthday 9th Birthday Ian!
Jan 1 2009

Prego Pictures

This was at the beginning of my 14 hr labor.  How Do I know? I'm STILL smiling:)
This is the only photo that came out good and sadly I had to spend the whole time in bed soo you really can't see my belly.

After a date with Mike.. This is the only time I wore this shirt.  I didn't like how it hung on my belly.  We had gone to the ADJA(american disc jokey association) Christmas Party @ Pirates Dinner Theater in Buena Park.   This is as fancy as I get:0   I was 7 months in this photo.

Just For You Jordan!!!

My friend Jordan has been bugging me to update my blog...  so I am ! She asked me to post photos of me during my pregnancy and this is what I have. So here you go ... Now you have seen me PREGO!

Carlee is 1 month old

I  love pictures of crying babies.. I think they are just too cute

CarleeBee is 1 one month old! Yay
(this is known as the Ian Face)
stare you down until she gets what she wants

Our Little CarleeBee.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Final Score.... Boys 2 Girls 2

After a 14 hr labor Carlee Bryn Smith is finally here.  She weighed 6lbs. 8 oz. 20 1/2 inches long.  Daddy, Grandma Ragle and her Aunt Brandie were there to welcome her into our Family.(of course mom was there too) She spent her first week in the NICU... she still had some fluid in her right lung.   For some reason her mommy can not carry a baby past 36 weeks and they have all had fluid still in their lungs.   She broke Ian's NICU stay by 2 days.  After a long week of traveling back and forth from Upland to Fontana Mom is glad to have her home.  Her older siblings adore her and spoil her!!!  Britton has even tackled a dirty diaper!  What a an awesome older brother he is.  Carlee has her dads long toes and finger's and his BLUE eyes!!!
Mom has quickly been reminded of the fact that you do not get anything done with a newborn in the house.  But I would never trade a clean house for my Litttle Carlee.

Mom and Baby Carlee

Carlee in the NICU w/ her oxygen and feeding tubes

Daddy's 1st visit w/ Carlee in the NICU

Dressed and ready to go home!

Just chillin at home