Monday, February 16, 2009

GG meets Carlee Bryn & Carlee and Terrible Hurbst Truck

This past weekend Mike and I took a last minute get away to Vegas for Valentines.  Since GrandmaGreat spends the winter in St.George we took a side trip so she could meet Carlee.
Sadly we didn't take any photos of our weekend in Vegas. Sorry.

GrandmaGreat and Carlee 

We stopped at State Line to use the bathroom and this is what we found in the Terrible's Casino...
Mommy telling Carlee all about how someday when she grows up she can drive one of these.

If you already didn't know I love off Road racing.  This is the Terrible Hurbst Pro Truck.  I was introduced the Baja 1000(SCORE) when I was a child on one of our trips to Baja.  I love watching the races and especially love the Pro Trucks as they go roaring by at 60 miles an hour on a Bumpy Dirt road.  There is nothing like dust in your teeth.  My dream is to one day be a co driver in a SCORE race.  Any one can race as long as you pay the fee... they have a Quad and Motorcycle class and many many more, The interesting racing class is the VW Bug .. those are so hardy men who race those completely stock with no improvements

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JJCOK said...

I wish we lived fun that we have girls so close in age. Carly is just adorable...I can't decide who she looks like. Some pictures I see Mike, then she looks just like SierraDawn, then Ian , then Britton, then you! A perfect blend of everyone!!