Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Check out the terror in Ian' eyes! And can SierraDawn look any more relaxed???
infact it looks like she is looking around, just for the heck of it.

Ian and who else but the one, and the only...... Capt. Jack Sparrow!

Hey Capt. Jack........ get us outta here!

I is for.....IAN!

Mike's parents and siblings all chipped in and got our entire family Disneyland annual passes for Christmas. The best gift Ever!!! thanks . So we had to wait for the holidays to end so we could go. So last Tuesday the kids had teacher in service, and Mike wanted to go be fore he has surgery on the 30th. We had a blast, it had been so long since we have been ,the kid's didn't even remember it. SierraDawn is now a roller coaster Freak. If we would let her she would ride over and over(until she gets sick). Britton and Ian on the other hand went on Space Mountain and Indiana Jone's, and once was quite enough for them. Sierra cried her eye's out because she was just shorter than the height limit for I.J.
Mike's parent's met up with us in the afternoon and we stayed until way after the kid's bedtime. Needless to say they had a hard time getting up the next morning. Sierra wanted to ride S.M. again, so Sierra, Grandma and Mommy decided we will ride it again. While those boring boys go on Nemo!(Blah) I convinced Sierra she wanted to ride next to me, and as we were heading out in space I told her you have to put your hands up, when a roller coaster goes up a hill.
she kept her arm's up the entire ride. What a brave little girl.

Ian got to meet his Idol........ Capt. Jack Sparrow, but he was so afraid he couldn't say a word he just looked terrified. I wonder what he would like like when he meets his enemy?

SierraDawn watched the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 parade at California Adventure. She had a Blast, she went out and danced every time they would ask kid's to come out and participate. Finally a child who is not like her mother in that respect.!!!

Britton was just his usual self, just so happy and Thankful to be there having a good time. He couldn't even decide which he liked most.( we asked him at the end of the day)

We had so much fun Mom decided on Friday we needed to go back. It had been raining and she knew it would be empty. ( she was right) Much to there mother's surprise Ian and Britton requested we ride Sapce Mountain first! So now we have 3 roller coaster freaks. Friday we had enough time after school to hit all the major attractions, Space Mountain, Indiana Jone's, Pirate's, Thunder Mountain, Soarin just to name a few. And yes SierraDawn had her hands in the air on every ride the entire time.. Can I say it again, what a brave little girl. I must say it's so nice, that my kids are finally all big enough to really have a good time. (I don't miss the stroller). Sierra wore her boot's which made her tall enough to ride Indiana Jones. She loved it!! It was a great day and we all had fun hanging out with daddy before he goes under the knife. (ahhh)
We love our daddy!

Ian's Baptism

Ian and Daddy before the big Plunge!

Got to love Ian's cheezy smile!

Ian was so excited to get Baptized. His Grandma Great came down from Utah, which made his day. He sure loves his G.G. After his baptism we had a PIZZA party at Grandma Ragle's house, family and friends all gathered. It was so neat to see how many people came out to support Ian on his Big Day.