Thursday, March 25, 2010

My little Monkey

CARLEE is no longer human I think she has mutated into a MONKEY.
She is climbing onto the couch, the step stool , the end tables, into the cub boards... EVERYTHING.
This little girl is trying her best to give her momma a Heart Attack! If she can get onto it then she'll STAND on it.
After a very scary fall Tuesday night I'm officially a nervous mamma!

Carlee loves to climb up onto our couch, and it's no small couch either! Last night she was doing her usual climbing of the couch and was walking across and miss stepped and fell head first landing on her neck. I saw her fall and freaked out when she landed in the position she did, And to add to it Mike was right next to her with his back turned to her, heard a "SNAP" as she landed.
I immediately went into mommy mode. I quickly laid her flat on her back and stabilized her neck with my hand.(I had to move her... she was still standing on her head, with her body propped up against the couch) She was SCREAMING of course she just fell 3+ feet onto her head. After a few agonizing moments she calmed down and began moving her arms, but was not moving her legs. Mike and I were repeatedly saying out loud "move your legs, come on move your legs." And meanwhile we have Britton screaming in the background "we need to call 911!" Even Mike was a little panicked.
I remained calm and confident nothing was wrong. As soon as I let go of her she quickly began moving her legs. To make this long story short Carlee is fine and 10 mins. later was trying to climb back onto the couch. I think she just had a nice spinal adjustment, She is pain free and perfectly fine. But talk about giving me a scare! WHEW!!!!!!!!