Saturday, March 29, 2008

SomeBUNNY came...

We came home after church and there was an egg sitting on our porch. And when we opened
the front door our dog was in the house, how weird we left him outside!? Who do you think let him in? The kids quickly ran out back and soon realized that the Easter Bunny came.
How did he know we were at Church mom? The Easter Bunny just always knows!

Sierra and her new Hello Kitty sunglasses.

too busy looking through my Easter bucket.

Ian and his bandanna again

SierraDawn and her pretty white dress.

Pre Easter Egg Hunt

This year we were home to enjoy the Easter egg hunt at our aunt Janet's house the day before EASTER. The kids swam all afternoon and then went to Chad's Baseball game and finally just before dark got to hunt for 139 hidden eggs. And then some more swimming until 9PM. They look forward to this every year, and so does mom she loves hiding those eggs. The kid's love spending time with there 2nd cousins.

Britton and Sierra hunting for some eggs!

The whole gang after the hunt. We are all 2nd cousins!
Chad ,Riley, Rex, Sierra, Lilly, Lexi, Ian and Britton

Sierra looking cute for the camera

Ian and his infamous Capt. Jack Bandanna, he does not go any where without it