Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Family Pictures

Here are some of our shots from our Family Photo shoot in October. Some silly and some fun! We did this for my parents all six of my siblings and My Parents had photo shoots with Leanne Price and she photo shopped together all the Family potriats into one large photo . It turned out soo nice I wish I had copy to show. Well I guess you could go see it at my moms. he,he
The Last shot is the one used for the Family Portrait you can tell because it's of balance, but it fit so nicely with all of my siblings!!

My Baby is 1!!!!!

January 2 2010 Carlee Bryn Smith celebrated her 1st Birthday! She has grown so much in the last year. We are so glad to have her in our Family, all of her siblings SPOIL her rotten:) There is no shortage of love for this little Girl. We LOVE you Carlee B!!!!

Birthdays x 3

Since planning Bitrthday parties
can be over whemling to our
budget. Mike and I made a deal
with the kids a few years back.
That they can have Birthday Party
for their 1st, 5th, 8th, 10th, 12th,
and 16th birthdays. Maybe we
should have thought that through a
little better.
With three birthday's in January...

Ian Jan. 1

Carlee Jan. 2

SierraDawn Jan. 11

... and with ....
Ian turning 10,

Carlee turning 1 and

SierraDawn turning 8

they had no choice but to do
this year.
We are so glad that Family and
Friends made the drive to come
celebrate this BIG day with us.


Christmas this year was small and simple for us. Santa only brought a few things this year. Everyone was happy with their gifts... yes Ian didn't cry for the first time ever on Christmas morning. Wew!

Britton and Ian opening gifts on
Christmas morning. Santa brought
Britton Star Wars Galaxy Hereos!

Carlee Crawling out of her Christmas
PJs. I honestly think they will fit her
again next Christmas.

Carlee opening her Gift from Mommy.

Mommy showing off The Reindeer Candy cane Britton so cleverly wrapped in a shoe box! Sneaky boy!

SierraDawn looking pretty for the
camera. Daddy took pictures while
playing Santa! I think he caught her
mid sentence. LOL

This year we were able to go to Mike's Aunt
Janet's house on Christmas. We had a
wonderful dinner and the kids got to
spend time withe their Grandma Great!!

Before and After

For all of you who wondered why I was going crazy in my last home!!! and I hardly ever cooked a real meal here maybe 2 times a week?
The fridge didn't even fit under the cabinets!! Which made it even worse.
I do not miss this kitchen!!!!!!!!

I LOVE THIS KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The picture says it all:) I cook Dinner 7 nights a week in this kitchen. YAY me.
I haven't even filled all the cabinets yet! LOL
Give me time and it shall be conquered.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Mike and I on our BALCONY!!

Mike and some of his "NEW" friends he made in Cabo. HE HE! This actually was for our Week Long Scavenger Hunt.

Yep you guessed it another Scavenger hunt photo.

Mike singing a Sinatra song during Kereoke!

Me and my new friend Samantha @ dinner on Rio night

Me Debbie and Samantha showing off our masks. Every one else on the Cruise was Jealous. They didn't get to have themed nights at dinner like our group ;p

Showing off that I found a Dr Pepper at the Wal Mart in Puerto Vallarta

We were in Puerto Vallarta until 10 pm. Our group decided to go to a neat resturant. We ate at tables on the beach . The water was not ten feet from us. REALLY COOL place to eat.

One of our S.H. photos again (we had to get a picture of us in the Ocean)

had to have aPhoto of a Donkey Bonus points for being on a Donkey!!

Lands End at Cabo San Lucas

Again from our balcony:) BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

My impression of Madussa.

Mike and I and our NEW FRIENDS James and Samantha
(we think they are the younger and skinner versions of us!)

Just TWO weeks after we moved into our 1st home. Mike and I went on the 2009 West Coast DJ Cruise. We spent a relaxing week kid free thanks to Mikes mother Linda who gladly came and stayed in our home with the kids. I have been a several cruises before, in fact have done this exact trip before. We truly had a GREAT week. We both came home so refreshed and ready to take on the Holiday Season. Mike had the opportunity this year to teach one of the Workshops for his fellow DJ's. He talked about Public Relations and Crisis Management. From what I hear his workshop was a hit!!! (I was too busy soaking up the sun, he he :p) It was so nice to catch up with old friends from previous DJ Cruises and to make NEW friends. We had a week long Scavenger Hunt we were participating in and took a very disapointed 2nd place. Mike was de throned this year:(

All settled in

We are settled into our new home! We moved in at the End of October and the kids started school in November. The kids love their new schools. 6th Grade here is middle school and Britton loves it. You all know he is not the social type so he thinks it great that he doesn't have recess anymore. More time to spend in the Library:) It's been a busy few months and I have a ton to catch up on. Now that I have internet again. So Bear with me here.