Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Family Pictures

Here are some of our shots from our Family Photo shoot in October. Some silly and some fun! We did this for my parents all six of my siblings and My Parents had photo shoots with Leanne Price and she photo shopped together all the Family potriats into one large photo . It turned out soo nice I wish I had copy to show. Well I guess you could go see it at my moms. he,he
The Last shot is the one used for the Family Portrait you can tell because it's of balance, but it fit so nicely with all of my siblings!!


Jordan said...

I love them! The kids are getting so big and wish we were closer!
Carly looks alot like Mike! I think it's in the eyes! She's so kissable!!
We miss you much!

John, Summer, and Makenna Lynn Larsen said...

Way cute family pictures!!