Saturday, January 30, 2010


Christmas this year was small and simple for us. Santa only brought a few things this year. Everyone was happy with their gifts... yes Ian didn't cry for the first time ever on Christmas morning. Wew!

Britton and Ian opening gifts on
Christmas morning. Santa brought
Britton Star Wars Galaxy Hereos!

Carlee Crawling out of her Christmas
PJs. I honestly think they will fit her
again next Christmas.

Carlee opening her Gift from Mommy.

Mommy showing off The Reindeer Candy cane Britton so cleverly wrapped in a shoe box! Sneaky boy!

SierraDawn looking pretty for the
camera. Daddy took pictures while
playing Santa! I think he caught her
mid sentence. LOL

This year we were able to go to Mike's Aunt
Janet's house on Christmas. We had a
wonderful dinner and the kids got to
spend time withe their Grandma Great!!

1 comment:

Whitney said...

to funny i got Cody the same pjs as Ian!!! Great minds think a like!!!