Thursday, January 28, 2010


Mike and I on our BALCONY!!

Mike and some of his "NEW" friends he made in Cabo. HE HE! This actually was for our Week Long Scavenger Hunt.

Yep you guessed it another Scavenger hunt photo.

Mike singing a Sinatra song during Kereoke!

Me and my new friend Samantha @ dinner on Rio night

Me Debbie and Samantha showing off our masks. Every one else on the Cruise was Jealous. They didn't get to have themed nights at dinner like our group ;p

Showing off that I found a Dr Pepper at the Wal Mart in Puerto Vallarta

We were in Puerto Vallarta until 10 pm. Our group decided to go to a neat resturant. We ate at tables on the beach . The water was not ten feet from us. REALLY COOL place to eat.

One of our S.H. photos again (we had to get a picture of us in the Ocean)

had to have aPhoto of a Donkey Bonus points for being on a Donkey!!

Lands End at Cabo San Lucas

Again from our balcony:) BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

My impression of Madussa.

Mike and I and our NEW FRIENDS James and Samantha
(we think they are the younger and skinner versions of us!)

Just TWO weeks after we moved into our 1st home. Mike and I went on the 2009 West Coast DJ Cruise. We spent a relaxing week kid free thanks to Mikes mother Linda who gladly came and stayed in our home with the kids. I have been a several cruises before, in fact have done this exact trip before. We truly had a GREAT week. We both came home so refreshed and ready to take on the Holiday Season. Mike had the opportunity this year to teach one of the Workshops for his fellow DJ's. He talked about Public Relations and Crisis Management. From what I hear his workshop was a hit!!! (I was too busy soaking up the sun, he he :p) It was so nice to catch up with old friends from previous DJ Cruises and to make NEW friends. We had a week long Scavenger Hunt we were participating in and took a very disapointed 2nd place. Mike was de throned this year:(


Hotel CaliFarnsworth said...

Looks like tons of fun! I was confused by the 2007 date on your pics though! Ha ha!

Jordan said...

Without us? How could you! Oh the memories!

Whitney said...

Chad loves the HOOTERS picture!! Glad you guys had fun