Monday, February 16, 2009

SierraDawn's 7th Birthday

SierraDawn and her Polly Pocket that mommy gave her.  I think this wa the only toy she received for her birthday. She received a ton of new outfits for school. Which she was very excited to show off to her Friends at school.

SierraDawn was so excited to be turning 7.  She is the oldest girl in her class and is very proud of that!  Next year she will be getting baptized and she just can't wait to be 8.  

Happy 7th Birthday SierraDawn
Jan. 11th 2009


JJCOK said...

SierraDawn is SO beautiful! I can not believe how long her hair has gotten! Wow...look what I've missed!

The SMITH's said...

Tonight I just cut it all off... it's back to shoulder length. It was too long and too many tangles. Now hopefully she will be able to brush out her own hair... we will see!