Sunday, July 12, 2009

Disney California Adventure

At the end of June my sister and I took our kids to DCA and Disneyland.
We all had a fun time ... my kids were sooo excited to go with Savannah and Hunter. They have only been one other time with Savannah a few years back. My kids get to go all the time with the Smith side of the Family.(we all have passes) So this was a real treat to hang out with my sister and her kids for a day full of Disney fun!

Carlee at the end of a looonnggg HOT day at DCA. She was a trooper she did pretty well. I think MOM had a harder time than she did.

Brandie and kids on Screamin they are there some where?

SierraDawn, Savannah, Britton, Ian, and Hunter! I think this was the highlight of Hunter's day! He LOVES the movie CARS. The smile on his faces made the whole day worth fighting the summer crowds.

Britton and Savannah waiting for the others to ride Screamin=(

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