Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just the two of us GIRLs!

The week after school got out SierraDawn and I were able to take a trip to the Baja . We didn't go all alone, (I'm not that BRAVE) we went with Grandma, and Grandpa Ragle, Rob and Cooper. SierraDawn and I enjoyed spending the time together without the rest of the family. It was quite HOT! We swam everyday and played games with Rob and Cooper. She is getting better at Sequence. (now if we could just get her to look at ALL of her cards!) SierraDawn also picked up a new hobby... beach combing. Every morning she was begging to walk the hide tide line to see what treasures we would find. SierraDawn also got to experience sleeping on the roof for the 1st time, I think she'll be requesting that sleeping arrangement from now on! (Under the **STARS** is the BEST)
It was a FUN and VERY relaxing trip. I'm thinking of making this a yearly trip . But of course we will eventually let Carlee join us too:)


Hotel CaliFarnsworth said...

How fun! The beginning of girls' trip!

Jordan said...

What a fun, special time! How'd you get away without the rest of the gang?