Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School

The kids all started school last 
Monday. SierraDawn is in Mrs.Guererro's
  combo class again this year. She enjoys 
being a first grader and helping the 
Kinder's in her class.  Ian is in a combo
 class also this year.  
He is in Mrs. Yoshimura's 
2/3 combo.  He also enjoys
 being one of the oldest in 
the class.  Britton is in the 
5th grade this year and we 
absolutely love Mrs. Krogh. 
 He just turned in his application 
for the 5th grade Band he is 
hoping to play the Saxophone 
or the Trumpet.  we will know
 in a few weeks.  It's has been 
hard for mom to be alone all 
DAY long.  I think I need some 
new hobbies, better yet any 
Hobbies would be great. 
( if you have any suggestions let me know)


Hotel CaliFarnsworth said...

Cute pics Natalie! I can't wait until I few a few hours year...

You can come over and hang out with me anytime girlfriend! I can be your "hobby"---haha. I am serious though, I love adult conversation.

Chloe is on a K/1 combo too. She likes it.

Whitney said...

soon enough you will have a little baby girl in your arms all day long, so enjoy a couple of months alone. I get to wait 6 more years to have all of mine in school. I don't get alone time.

JJCO said...

I love those beautiful kids! (Love your new background too!)
Only a few months of free could always get crafty and make hundreds of bows with gigantic flowers to put on your baby girl's sweet little head!