Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's not Rocket Science!

For those of you who didn't already know our oldest son Britton (10) was diagnosed last year with Aspergers Syndrome. A.S. is on the Autism Spectrum, and is affectionately called the "little professor" syndrome. So needless to say a child with A.S. is quite smart, but not very coordinated. (Family think of our cousin Sione!!!)oh how we tortured him:(
Last week I picked the boys up from school and Britton insisted we go to the park. "Mom I want to show you something" ...I'm thinking I have already seen every rock in the park! "MOM I have a surprise for you!" "OK"
We get out of the van and I'm expecting him to show me something he saw on the ground through the school fence. I'm not kidding!! To my delight he jumped up on the swing and away he went. I asked him where did you learn to swing, who was finally able to get you to move your body the right way? (if you have seen my sweet boy try any type of movement which requires coordination before, you know what I mean) he proceeds to tell me in his best Rocket Science Language ( believe me I was lost) of how he figured it out by watching other kids. I was so lost I can't even come close to repeating it.
Then on Friday he mastered his BIKE. (I didn't get so lost in the Rocket Science Language this time . Yeah me!) Mom is so proud of her sweet boy! These are huge steps for him. and As SierraDawn put it "It's about time now we can ALL now go on a bike ride!!!"
Now if we could only get him to catch a ball?


colleeeen said...

hooray for Britton!

ah, Aspergers. fun stuff - i have a friend whose teenage son has it. he's an excellent wrestler, but his syndrome really manifests socially - in not picking up on non-verbal cues from others.

My sister's (remember Christine?) oldest son has actual autism, but it was caught so early that he was put into intensive therapy and he's amazingly high-functioning. he'll just always be a little bit weird.

JJCO said...

Yeah! Those are 2 big steps so close together! I miss sweet Britton!

The Ragle Family said...

Good job Britton! I always enjoy listening to Britton. He always has something interesting to say. Have fun on your family bike rides and trips to the park.:)

Heather said...

Yay! I still struggle at riding my bike. I tried to go on a bike ride with Jim, but there were tons of mosquitos and I kept getting them in my eyes or mouth causing me to lose my balance and swerve all over the place. I'm not a very talented bike rider.

Lindsay Klinger said...

How cute is your son. My sister Molly didn't learn to ride a bike until after she got married. Don't tell her I told you. =)

Whitney said...

congrats to Britton, you will have to give him a high five for me. Now if I could get Nick to learn how to swing, ride his bike and catch a ball.

sione said...

somebody talking about me? :) Glad to know I have not been forgotten by my favorite cousins. :) --Sione Ragle