Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Break

SierraDawn after a fun makeover with the Tuttle Girls. Ahh so pretty!

Yes , there are 10 kids in that Jeep! Can you find my 3!
Brother Tuttle was a very busy man all week, driving the Harper's Jeep around. with at least 4 screaming girl's, standing up in the backseat holding on to the roll bar!
(sound familiar to anyone??)

Siesta time! Mike always finds time for a nap in Baja!

The whole gang is here! Even Crash made an appearance in the photo.

This is long over due, but I just got the photos off my moms camera. Can you believe I forgot to take mine down to Baja.(that has never happened before)
We spent our spring break down at Grandpa Ragle's house in Baja. (what a surprise) The kids just love spending time down in there just running wild. That is was I love about it now.
When I was a kid everyone had the same spring break in Cali. (always around Easter) and the beach was always busy (but not California beach busy...) most of you know what I'm talking about. Baja beach busy means there is someone else on the beach, how dare they encroach on our 1/2 a mile of beach... they are way too close. No seriously it can get a little busy on holiday weekends, with vehicles going up and down the beach all hours of the day, and you have to keep an eye on your kids. Now it's completely different. We were there the week after Easter, which meant it was soo quiet. I think we were the only Quads and Jeep on the beach all week. Ahhh so nice. To have miles and miles of beach to our selves. Upon our arrival to the house we were surprised to find out that a Family from our stake was staying at The Harper's beach house next door. So much to my delight and my daughter's the Tuttle's were there all week too. The Tuttle's have 11 children, 8 were there. 5 of the 8 are GIRL's, SierraDawn was in heaven all week. The best part is Krii (mom Tuttle) is so used to having a ton of kids my 3 just blended right in. But my kid's are also finally to the age that they can go off down the hill all by themselves and stay out of trouble. They have been so many times they know the rules, (Stay away from any reptile!!!). It is nice to have that freedom, from constantly having to entertain them. All though the constant quad rides does get a little old after a while. (who am I kidding I love it and so does Grandpa Ragle) It was a nice relaxing week, of soaking up the sun, swimming, 4x4 rides, quad rides, campfires, and smores... who can ask for anything more? Oh and after 30 years of spending evey Spring Break in Baja I finally found Starfish. Yay for me, I had to leave them there to dry out in the sun. So everyone, (Family) hands off at Memorial weekend. Just kidding there is plenty to go around we found at least 20. For all of my siblings see you all at Memorial weekend I can't wait.


JJCO said...

So fun! We had such a fun time when we went to Baja with you! We would love to come again...Glad to know we're still invited if we can ever make it at the right time! Your spring break sounded way more exciting than ours was! We barely had sun, no beach, no sand! Lucky!

Lindsay Klinger said...

My best spring breaks in High School were spent at the Baja House. I was just thinking about it the other day. Those were good times. How fun that your kids get to have the same memories.

The Ragle Family said...

How fun! I hope that Kenny is able to get the time off so that we can go Memorial weekiend. It has been over 2 years since we have been to Baja. We look forward to going again.:)

Whitney said...

I wish we could make down to Baja, it has been way to long. It has been over 4 years since we went. I miss it.

Bridget Morgan said...

Can not wait!!!! It has been over 10 yrs for us. See you all there :)thvmpvmx

kimhumpherys said...

natalie, thanks for taking me to Baja once so long was so fun! riding the quads at night, swimming all day, getting tan, lounging around listening to music and making tapes! soo fun! my husband's family spends time at Lake Powell every year and we look forward to such laziness and relaxation in June again there!